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FNF Media puts in all their resources to educate Bihar

21 Jul 2021

New Delhi [India], July 21 (ANI/ThePRTree): Through the medium of FNF Media, an influencer marketing agency, founder Rahul Kumar Pandey brings forth an endeavor to serve as a coach to equip Bihar with the aspects of the digital revolution.

The aim is to assist the youth of Bihar who are educated but are not digitally literate.

Some youths in Bihar are now doing better work towards making the villagers digital literate. To avoid the pandemic, these people are also helping the villagers with online registration for the vaccine. In this sequence, Rahul decided that it is about time that people knew how to go about their ways in the digital age.

The young entrepreneur from Patna, Rahul Kumar Pandey, who started Bihar's first influencer marketing agency - FNF Media, says, "Literacy in the present scenario is not limited to letter knowledge only. Today, whether a person is a student or a professional, if they are deprived of digital knowledge, they are left far behind in their career. Well, me and my team was distributing masks and sanitisers. But after talking to the localities I realized that these people are educated but do not have much digital knowledge."Gradually, Rahul inspired these youths for digital knowledge and also told them about his company. Initially, he started giving free training to four students through Google Meet, but now more than 60 students are taking free training through his online classes. Rahul says that there is a lack of digital awareness in the village right now. The word digital doesn't even exist. Even when he started the company, he was ridiculed in the society but slowly he tried and today he has succeeded in taking the company to this level.

Rahul said, "After graduation from Noida International University, I had entered civil engineering at the behest of my family, but due to lack of interest, I left the job. Today due to that one decision, I have reached the turnover of my startup to 10 million rupees in just 4 years after working with many multinational companies including the information and public relations department."Not only this, in the year 2019, FNF Media was shortlisted for 'Startup of the Year in Influencer' by Silicon Magazine and nominated for Global Startup Awards awards by SAARC in 2020. He affirms that every student of Bihar should step into digital knowledge and this free classes will continue to be run on his behalf through online mediums.

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